Searching for DNA’s Dark Lady

franklinEver since the 1960s every discussion on James Watson and Rosalind Franklin seems to start from Watson’s 1968 book The Double Helix. As the first account – and first impression – of the story of DNA discovery, it has become a lasting reference point in such a way that it has “polluted” all later histories when trying to assess characterisations of Franklin and how much credit would she deserve. In Watson’s much influential book, Rosalind Franklin isintroduced as Rosy. Continue reading Searching for DNA’s Dark Lady

Austerity (what else?)

BMJ_austerityI admit I was quite impressed when a recent issue of BMJ (the British Medical Journal) was published with a cover featuring the word “Austerity” in six different languages (including the Greek “Λιτότητα”). It surely must be important when such a prestigious and widely read scientific journal decides to discuss an issue that ravages less privileged countries. I mean, everyone is talking about it apparently.

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(Not) About Politics

Plato_Republic_1713I don’t write about politics in this blog. I may write about policy, or use political expressions for public health matters, but I don’t write about politics in the sense that our modern society understands it. The sense of different parties, conflicting governments, variable colours and left/right labels. I don’t write about politics because I have stopped believing in politics.

Having said that, I’ll make a slight exception today. Continue reading (Not) About Politics

A viral year

2013Just before the end of the year, any self-respecting blog is supposed to look back and do a recap. Not necessarily believing in that but falling victim of this tradition, I’d like to share the medical headlines that caught my attention in 2013. Still working on pandemics and major epidemic outbreaks, my primary interests revolve around these and 2013 was a year that saw viruses and epidemics taking a central stage in the medical scene. But even more important than the strictly medical news is perhaps the social aspect that each one of them had. Another good reminder ahead of next year that there are determinants of health and disease that should not be neglected.

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Ready. Set. Launch…

sni_logo_copyIt’s been a crazy ride ever since we started back in 2009 (well… not including me at that point). A group of helpless romantics of medical science, trying to do a few things differently, rather than following the easy path of the norms. Our own path comes alive when everything else shuts down. We gather under our mystifying street lights and we discuss.

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